New construction


Our history of professionalism and leadership in the inspection field stands alone from other inspection companies. We provide commercial and residential inspections and consulting. We provide expert consulting on any construction related situation. 
We examine the smallest details for possible problems that the builder and city overlook. Doing so prevents problems after the construction is further along and causes water damage to the structure for the homeowners. Elm Plumbing Heating and Cooling inspectors will look for problems in all areas signs of possible leaks, inappropriate plumbing materials, and areas that may have sewage backups.  We put the supply and sewer system under extreme conditions to see if the system will perform fully under those conditions.

Elm Plumbing Heating and Cooling sis committed to maintaining your company’s image. We know we play an integral part in the successful completion of any job we undertake. With that in mind, quality, reliability and professionalism are what we constantly strive for.

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